EPM Server

The EPM Server presents the foundation of the EPM Software Suite. The Server, a J2EE application provides the basic services necessary for any EPM provisioning module.

The server is shipped with the following standard modules:

Master Data Management Module

This Module is responsible for storing your Master Data e.g. persons, organizations, locations and groups. Typically this information is not managed within Fortissimo but replicated from various sources.

User Security Module

The Fortissimo Server handles authorization with an internal role model. To simplify your authorization need, several roles and be nested within a security group. The Fortissimo Server also allows for Single Sign On configurations.

Auditing Module

The Fortissimo Server has a very detailed Audit functionality. System Administrators can easily monitor and troubleshoot account creation processes based on a unique unit of work. The Audit Module also contains messages that are generated from external systems during account creation, e.g. messages and return codes from the Microsoft AZURE REST API.

Internal Scheduler

The Scheduler is used for any job execution.

Template Management Module

Each provisioning module has its own template management feature. Within this template you define parameters that are used during account creations. These parameters can be fixed values or dynamic values that are available within the context of the creation, e.g. person attributes like personal number or name.

Messaging Module

After a successful account creation, the messaging module can send out notifications to the end user, to inform him or her about the new accounts created.

Expert System

This expert system is the heart of the Fortissimo Server, it is programmed via the Web User Interface with your provisioning policies. In Fortissimo we call these policies Acts. An Act defines what accounts should be created under what circumstances. E.g. you could define acts for organizations within your company. Depending on the organization, the system would then create different accounts.